What we’re responsible for

We’re responsible for providing you with a home while you’re our tenant.

Your tenancy agreement sets out how long you can stay. We will explain this to you when you first become our tenant.

While you live in your home, we won’t disturb you unless we need to carry out repairs or check on the condition of the property. We will try to let you know in advance, unless it’s an emergency.

We will also check on you if we’re worried about your welfare.

On a day-to-day level, we are responsible for:

  • managing your home and tenancy
  • the main repairs to your home – there are more details here 
  • maintaining the areas you share with your neighbours, and
  • providing you with care and support, if Ability Care & Support is your provider.

For more details about our responsibilities as your landlord, talk to a member of staff, or see our contact details here.

You could also contact your local law or advice centre, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.