Ability housing


New wheelchair home in Croydon

Our homes

We provide affordable housing to help people live more independently.

General housing

Much of our general housing is designed for people who use wheelchairs. The homes meet or exceed the standards set by the Wheelchair Housing Design Guide.

We also provide specially designed or adapted ‘accessible’ homes for people who have mobility, sensory or learning difficulties. Some of these homes include technology to help with daily living.

We have a small number of general needs homes – mostly on larger estates alongside specialist housing. We provide these homes so that we can help to balance the community.

A handful of our homes are for shared ownership. They all meet wheelchair standards and are usually designed to meet the needs of a particular person.

Supported housing

We provide different levels of supported housing. Some of the homes are built to wheelchair standards or are otherwise accessible. The care and support services are provided either by Ability Care & Support, or by other providers.

Our schemes include:

  • Supported living – Tenants access support from staff on site and may get additional care and support to meet their individual needs.
  • Short-term supported housing – Tenants are housed for a limited time, to support them while they develop independent living skills, before moving on.
  • Move-on housing – This is for people moving on to live more independently, with or without continuing support.

Health and safety

In line with the social housing (regulation) act 2023, Ability’s has appointed our Director of Operations (Housing) as lead person for health and safety. This role includes monitoring our compliance with Health and Safety Obligations, assessing risks and liaising with the regulator of social housing on any health and safety issues.