New for 2024 is your Customer Handbook Repairs Manual.

Most of the main repairs to your home are our responsibility, but some repairs are down to you.

Who does what

We will:

  • keep the structure and outside of your home in good repair
  • maintain your heating, plumbing, electricity and gas fittings
  • decorate the outside of your home, and
  • maintain any security systems.

We expect you to:

  • repair anything that gets damaged (or pay us to do it)
  • decorate the inside of your home (unless your tenancy agreement says otherwise)
  • replace blown fuses and reset trip switches
  • replace plugs, chains, toilet seats, batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, starters and pull cords
  • sort out minor blockages in sinks, baths, basins, showers or toilets
  • set your own heating controls and bleed radiators
  • maintain washing lines or individual rotary dryers
  • fit extra locks or safety catches, replace lost keys and change locks
  • replace broken windows
  • maintain your own garden
  • take care of your own belongings, including any appliances you lease
  • repair anything you’ve installed yourself, and
  • sort out your own draughtproofing, aerials, satellite dishes, phone wiring and sockets.

Remember you are responsible for any damage to your personal belongings, including carpets and decorations. We recommend taking out contents insurance. Your housing officer can give you advice about this.

Programmed works

We run a programme of planned works for more complex or expensive repairs. If you need a repair doing that falls into this category, we will explain this when you report it. We will tell you when the next round of planned works are due.

Gas checks and services

We are legally responsible for getting annual gas checks and services carried out at all Ability homes with a gas supply – whether we own or lease the property.

We use qualified Gas Safe engineers to carry out these checks. Please make sure you give them access to your home, so that we can make sure your heating is still working efficiently and your home is safe.

Reporting your repair

You can report your repair

  • by email – see your Tenants’ Welcome Pack, or
  • by phoning our repairs hotline – see your Tenants’ Welcome Pack.

Shared owners

As a shared owner, you are responsible for your own repairs. We would also strongly recommend that you also take out your own contents insurance.