Your rights as our tenant

You normally have the right to live in your home for the time agreed, as long as you keep to the rules set out in your tenancy agreement.

If you break the rules – for example, by not paying your rent or by behaving badly – we can go to court for permission to evict you.

When it’s time for you to move at the end of the tenancy, we will give you plenty of notice.

We have to keep you informed about our policies and tell you about our performance as your landlord. We have to consult you about any significant changes to our services. We aren’t allowed to change your tenancy agreement without your consent.

You have the ‘right to repair’ – which means that if we keep failing to do some basic repairs, you can follow a set procedure to get this sorted out.

If you aren’t happy with our service, you can make a complaint. We take all complaints seriously.

If you live with your husband, wife or partner, they would usually have the right to ‘succeed’ to your tenancy if you died – providing you weren’t a successor yourself. They would need to contact us as soon as possible to sort this out.

For more details about your tenant rights, talk to a member of staff, or see our contact details here.

You could also contact your local law or advice centre, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.