Repairs that are your responsibility

As a tenant you are responsible for looking after your home and keeping it in good condition.

If you or any visitors to your home damage the property then you may be responsible for having it repaired. In some exceptional situations we will carry out the work, especially in an emergency, but you will be charged for it.

These repairs are your responsibility to arrange at your own expense:

  • Decorating and filling small gaps or cracks
  • Decorating inside your home (unless expressly excluded in your tenancy agreement)
  • Repairing or replacing fuse starters, and any electrical fault on appliances you own or lease directly from another supplier
  • Renewing sink and bath plugs / chains
  • Replacing blown fuses and resetting trip switches
  • Minor clearing of blocked sink, bath, basin or shower and toilet(s)
  • Setting heating controls and bleeding radiators
  • Maintaining washing lines or individual rotary dryers
  • Fitting extra locks or safety catches, replacing lost keys or changing locks
  • Replacing toilet seats
  • Renewing smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector batteries
  • Draught proofing
  • Your own aerials and satellite dishes
  • Telephone wires and telephone sockets
  • Your individual garden
  • Any damage to your contents including carpets and decorations unless included in your service charge
  • Replacement light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, starters and pull cords
  • Repairs to any of your own home improvements (unless otherwise agreed)
  • Re-glazing or replacement glass in broken windows as a result of accidental damage