What we expect from you

You must live in your home and pay your rent in full, at least one week in advance.

As our tenant, we expect you to:

  • keep the property in good condition
  • sort out or pay for anything that gets damaged
  • report any repairs that need doing and let our contractor in
  • keep to any health and safety or fire rules we set
  • let us know if you’re going away for more than a few days, and
  • make use of any care and support services we provide.

We don’t allow our tenants to take in lodgers or sub-tenants. If you moved out and let your home to someone else, you would be committing social housing fraud. You could be fined and even sent to prison.

While you live in your home, you must not:

  • run a business there, or keep a pet, without getting written permission
  • cause a nuisance to your neighbours, our staff and contractors
  • be too noisy – especially between 11pm and 7.30am
  • take drugs at the property or use it in other illegal ways
  • harass anyone – for example, because of their race, sex, sexuality or a disability
  • cause any damage to the property
  • damage or remove any furniture we provide, or
  • block local roadways or park abandoned vehicles on our property.

Before you move out, you must:

  • give us at least one calendar month’s notice in writing
  • pay any rent you owe
  • leave the property clean and clear of rubbish, and
  • give us the keys.

For more details about what we expect of you, talk to a member of staff, or see our contact details here.

You could also contact your local law or advice centre, or the Citizens Advice Bureau.