Jim keeps fit and makes cakes

Jim CJim, a pensioner is partially sighted and has lived at the Fiddlers Green Service since it opened. The buildings foundation stone was laid in February 1992. Jim and Andy’s (another customer) parents were part of a group who purchased the land to build Fiddlers Green. This was to ensure that their children who had various disabilities had somewhere to live. The Fiddlers Green service has continued with this legacy by providing secure homes for other people with disabilities.

Jim says, “I went to school with Andy and we’ve lived here since it first opened. It was originally for people with physical disabilities and then it changed to help people with all disabilities.

I like living here, ‘it would take a hand grenade to shift me! Everyone is an individual and they’ve made it as nice as possible. Makes you feel like a human being and it hasn’t taken my individuality away.”

Jim keeps himself busy during the week, and says, “I go to a local day centre so I get to do different things like; using a hand bike, and I go to a book and cooking groups, where we make cakes and someone reads to me so I learn about the world and different countries. I also go to church on Sundays.”

Jim’s parents and other families also founded this day centre to help provide something to occupy them. Jim explained, “previously there was no work for children with disabilities.”

Over the years Jim has been involved in interviewing potential Ability staff, and says, “I even took part in an interview with a former acrobat who came in looking for a job.”

“I always talk over things with staff and they listen to me. Sometimes we might go out on trips as a group, but we discuss what we’d like to do and the Service Manager will also make suggestions where we can go.”