Christian moves to an Ability bungalow

ChristianChristian moved to an Ability bungalow in July 2017. He says,

“I was living in a first-floor flat but my health started to deteriorate two years ago as I’ve got motor neurone disease. I now have trouble walking as my legs are giving up and it’s slowly getting worse.”

“It was getting difficult for me to get up and down the stairs to use the facilities – I hope to get an electronic wheelchair soon.”

“I was referred to Ability from my local council and when I was offered this bungalow, I took it straightaway. Everything in the bungalow is perfect for me as it’s on one level. I’ve got wide doors and low counter tops in the kitchen so it’s easy for me to use. I feel lucky to have this.”

“My Housing Officer was helpful, I spoke to her on the phone a few times when I moved in and she helped me get my intercom fixed and to settle in.”

“I would definitely recommend being with Ability. It’s excellent for me as there are other Ability tenants in the close, so it’s a nice environment.”