Aroona gets back to an independent lifestyle


Aroona recently moved into a one bedroom flat in Ruislip, after spending just over a year at Sessile Court in Hayes. For Aroona, it’s the next step in a staged process of recovery.

“Sessile Court helped me get back to an independent lifestyle, with shopping, exercise, taking care of myself and not having bad company,” she says. “It was thinking about what’s important on a day-to-day basis and getting me to focus on taking my medication and planning the day ahead. Also, just speaking about my concerns.”

Aroona found staff really helpful. “The support was really good. Things would get done. If I wanted to order something for my flat or get some big pieces of furniture, they took me out shopping. It was really quite hands on.

“It prepared me for moving on, because I started looking out for my diet and I would think about exercising. It also pushed me to continue with my volunteering work. I work in a café in a church and a charity shop on Saturdays for two hours. I also do a pamper group for the rehab unit I was in before. I’m a qualified beautician and I get to use my skills doing hand massages, facials and nail paint. As well as that, I’m now volunteering for Ability on the Customer Panel and Q-Team; I’m also attending courses.”

Floating support from Sessile Court helped Aroona get unpacked and settled into her new home. It’s a big change from living at Sessile Court, but she says: “I find it’s OK on my own, but I try to stay busy – it’s good for me. It’s not far from my Mum’s house and that’s nice too – sometimes I stay the night.”