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Paul jumps from 10,000 feet

       Care & Support customer              “I went into remission in 2015 and I  feet. Then when you’re sitting on the
                                            finally got my own place in 2016. I  edge of the plane and there’s nothing
       Paul Swift made a tandem             thought, ‘I’ve got to do something’. So, I  under your feet – just sitting there and
       parachute jump in March              flew for the first time – to Scotland.  looking down – you think, ‘Are you really
                                            Then, this year, on March the 2nd, I  going to do this?’
       – despite being afraid of
                                            jumped out of an aeroplane at 10,000
       heights.                             feet!”                              “I had a full minute of freefall and I’m
                                                                                was moving at 125 miles per hour. I
       Paul decided “to do things I wouldn’t  Paul chose a tandem jump on the   never realised how much baggy skin I
       normally do”, while he was in remission  advice of his doctor. For this sort of  had on my neck – in the video they
       from serious health problems.        jump, your harness is strapped to a  took, it looked like ripples in the water.”
                                            professional parachute jumper.
       Paul explains: “After I came out of mental                               Paul paid for his jump himself and raised
       hospital, I went into care homes and I did  “I was more nervous in the plane than  money for Hillingdon Mind. He has been
       Cancer Research voluntary work. Then a  when I jumped out,” he recalls. “You’re  an Ability customer in Uxbridge since
       month after I stopped volunteering, I got  in the plane and they are showing you  February.
       cancer.  It was Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  on the altimeter that you’re at 4,000

                                 This year, on March the 2nd,
                                 I jumped out of an aeroplane
                                 at 10,000 feet!

        Radio interview with Robbie

        Robbie Mason from our St            Robbie loved that it was punk. He told
        Albans service took part in         the Ouch presenters: “It’s fantastic music.
                                            It’s just to do with anarchy. People don’t
        a BBC Radio broadcast in
                                            give a damn about anything, so
        December. He was helping            they want to get everything across  It’s so exhilarating!
        to promote his band’s               by expressing about punk, which
        Christmas single.                   is really good!”
                                            Robbie said he really enjoys going to
        The presenters of the Ouch disability
                                            Electric Umbrella. “We get to hang out.
        talk show wanted to hear all about the
                                            We get to use instruments and just sort of
        making of ‘Christmas as a Punk’ – and
                                            have fun. Basically, that’s how I can sum it
        about the Electric Umbrella music
                                            up. It’s about having fun. And learning
        charity that Robbie is involved with.
                                            different things about different people.
        The words and music were worked out  It’s so exhilarating. It’s really good.”
        by the group. They then recorded it at
                                            You can see the music video at:
        the Abbey Road Studios. Several
        famous musicians also took part.
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