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A new home for Julie (and George the cat)

        Julie moved to Wishbone             “I really like living here, because there’s
                                            always support when I need it,
        Way in June 2016, along
                                            or if I just want a chat. I have
        with her much‐loved                 support every day if I want it.   I really like living here,
                                                                        because there’s always
        cat. She used to live               “I have a cat called George –  support when I need it.
        with her twin sister in a           he’s a rescue cat and is about
                                            3 years old. I was allowed to bring him
        bungalow.                           with me and he loves it here too.

        “I had another floating support     “Living here helps me to be
        provider, but they weren’t very good.  independent and make my own choices.
        My care manager told me about       I like doing crochet, colouring and
        Wishbone and I came to see what it  listening to music.
        was like. As soon as I saw it, I really
                                            “I also love horror films. I feel happier
        liked it – it’s big and clean and the
                                            here, having my own space, and I get on
        people I met were nice.
                                            with all my neighbours.
        “I brought all my things with me from
                                            “I sometimes have support with
        the bungalow and enjoyed laying                                         chicken dish recently. It is mostly
                                            cooking, but mostly I do it on my own.
        them all out however I wanted them.                                     timings I need support with when I
                                            I made a slow cooker sweet and sour  cook, so the slow cooker was great.”

        Carron moves on from Prospect Lane

        Carron Cleversley has               “I’m now in a one-bed flat on the second  Carron became unhappy and moved
                                            floor, in Buckingham. It’s a lovely area  back to her Mum’s for a while, before
        moved on to her own                 and I’ve got a lovely neighbour,” Carron  being offered an Ability flat in Prospect
        one‐bedroom flat –                  says, after her move from our Prospect  Lane. “I was in that flat for 10 years,”
        after spending many                 Lane service.                       she says.

        years as an Ability                 Carron is very happy to be living more  Carron would recommend Ability to
                                            independently at this stage of her life. “I  other people. “1 is for your
        tenant.                             don’t want a key worker, because I want  independence. 2, you know you’re
                                            to be independent myself. But I have got  safe – you know you’ve got staff if you
                                            someone who is going to help me go  need them.
                                            out to clubs and stuff like that.”
                                                                                “Not only that, I got involved with
                                            Carron first became an Ability customer  everything – with the Customer Panel
                                            after hearing about our services because  meetings and the Q-Team. So I was
                                            two of her cousins were living with us.   even interviewing staff for jobs.

                                            “I couldn’t move into the same service,  “If it wasn’t for Ability, I wouldn’t have
                                                   but I was put into a shared  been doing anything. I was so proud
                                                    house in Hayling. I was there  they asked me and in the end I did a
                          I got involved with everything
                                                    for three or four years,” she  lot for them. It was brilliant!”
                          – with the Customer Panel
                          meetings and the Q-Team.                              We want to say a big thank-you to
                                                                                Carron for all the work she put in. We
                                                                                wish her well for the future.
                                            Carron represented the Q‐Team when
                                            they won an award for ‘Excellence in
                                            tenant inspection’ last year.

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