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Benefit changes: how they

        Moving from Disabled Living Allowance

        Many of our customers get           If you are under 64, you will get a letter  If you get turned down for PIP at this
                                            asking you to come to an assessment  stage, try not to get too anxious.
        Disability Living Allowance
                                            for the new Personal Independence
        (DLA) to help with their                                                Your support worker can help you
                                            Payment (PIP) instead.
        mobility or care costs.                                                 appeal the decision. Many people win
                                            You may need help to fill out your  their appeal at a Benefits Tribunal
                                            application form. You can also take  hearing. At least 6 people out of 10
                                            someone with you to your appointment,  may get their benefit back at this final
                                            so you feel supported. Your support  stage.
                                            worker is an ideal person for this.
                                                                                We know it can be worrying to go
                                            Sadly, many people get a rejection letter  through the PIP process. It can take a
                                            after their PIP assessment. This is  long time. But you can count on our
                                            because the Government is trying to  support.
                                            pay benefits to fewer people.

        Going through a PIP appeal

        Carron was on DLA and she thought she

        would always get this benefit.

        “Then I got a letter saying all change,”  After putting Carron’s case, Carron and  If you can’t do your form,
        Carron recalls.                     Nikki were asked to wait outside.        get help from your support
                                            “When I came back in, yep, I got it all!”  worker or a charity.
        “I got my Mum to sign the forms,
                                            says Carron. “I said to Nikki, ‘You’ve
        because I can’t – I’m dyslexic. They
                                            made my day!’, I was so over the moon.”
        agreed to give me money, but I only
        got £87 a month.                    Carron’s advice to other customers is –
                                            if you can’t do your form, get help from
        “It was diabolical, because I’ve got bills
                                            your Support Worker, Citizens Advice or
        to pay. I was getting over £400 a month
                                            another charity.
        before – so I lost a lot of money. I was
        so upset.”                          “Don’t do it on your own. You might not
                                            do it properly and you might lose your
        With help from Ability’s Nikki Elvin,
        Carron appealed the decision. Carron
        says: “Nikki came with me and she was
        absolutely brilliant.
        “We ended up saying that, yes, I did go
        to college, but I am dyslexic and I do
        have learning disabilities and I can’t
        manage writing or reading.”

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