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Peer support in Hillingdon

       Customers say the new peer
       support group in Hillingdon
                                                                                  I’m becoming
       is a great success.
                                                                                  more sociable
       The Hillingdon group now has 10 members and gets
       support from 5 Ability staff members.                                      “I’ve been involved in going on the
                                                                                  trip to Kew Gardens, which was
       Peer support groups bring people together to organise
                                                                                  lovely, and also going to a Chinese
       their own activities. In a peer support group you get to
                                                                                  buffet. They were absolutely fun. I
       go out. You make friends. And you can share your skills and experience.
                                                                                  really like Chinese and I really
                                                                                                enjoyed the
                                                                                                  beautiful garden.
        Lisa: It’s helped my depression
                                                                                                  “The best aspect
        Lisa has been battling with quite   She says: “It’s the inspiration of being             of peer support is
        severe depression. She says that peer  with others. I think it’s helped my                 meeting people
        support is making a big difference in  depression, which is really important.               and relating to
        her life.                                                                                    them. Being
                                            “Everyone is really quite understanding
                                                                                                     able to
        She is now going out every week on  and I feel quite comfortable.
                                                                                  empathise with them and being able
        outings and joining dog walkers in the
                                            “I’m surprised at how comfortable     to encourage each other – and just
        park. She recently enjoyed a Chinese
                                            I’ve felt.”                           make people aware they’re not
        buffet lunch and is looking forward to
        a bowling trip.
                                                                                  The trips have helped Aroona “to
                                                                                  become more outgoing, more
                                                                                  sociable”, she says, as well as to be
                                                                                  “a bit more energetic and

                                                                                  Aroona hopes more people will join
                                                                                  in. “We can start categorising
                                                                                  people’s interests. Say, if there are
                                                                                  10 people who want to do swimming
                                                                                  and 10 who want to do an art class –
                                                                                  they’re not alone.”
                                                                                  She would definitely recommend
                                                                                  joining the group to a friend.

                                                                                A trip to Kew Gardens for
                                                                                Hillingdon Peer Support Group

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