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The best thing about Leith
                  Close is that I got my                                               I am so happy to be here. I
                  freedom!                                                             do my own thing and I am

                                                    I’m Pablo. I help to support
                                                    Peter and Stephen at Leith
                                                    Close in Slough.

       Living at Leith Close in Slough                          I’d like to live here

       gives Peter and Stephen much

       more independence – and they                             for ever!

       are both delighted.                                      Stephen is really happy with his new
                                                                home in Leith Close – but it took a bit of
                                                                getting used to.
        Peter values his                                        “I settled here on the 12th June 2017. I used to live with
                                                                my family and in other places in supported housing.
        freedom                                                 “On the first day I started staying here, I felt scared,
                                                                frightened, anxious. Now I feel happy. I feel safe because
        Peter says that living at Leith Close                   we’ve got the intercom. I will use it in an emergency only.
        couldn’t suit him better.                               “Staff help me with medication, hair washing, cooking,
                                                                and they come in to make sure I am ok, and they do it
        He says: “When I came here, I settled very easily.
                                                                brilliantly. I have told them to leave me alone if I get
        Everybody and the staff cheered me. They make me laugh.
                                                                panicky. It just happens and they listen to me. All of them.
        “I can’t complain. They help me with my medicine. We    The other clients have also been kind to me.
        have a chat. They make me happy and make me feel 10
                                                                “I can’t believe I am here. This is the best place for me. I
        years younger.
                                                                am so happy to be here. I do my own thing and I am
        “When I lived in a home when I was young, there was no  independent. Everything is incredible.
        freedom. Here I go to town, London, Langley and Windsor
                                                                “Here it’s much better than where I come from. Where I
        by myself. I feel safe. I tell staff what time I’m coming
                                                                was before, there was a flight path and there was a lot of
        home. I carry my pocket phone. I carry an identity card
                                                                noise from the planes. I am getting used to the trains
        and money on me.
                                                                here. They don’t bother me.
        “The best thing about Leith Close is that I got my freedom!”
                                                                “Thank you for a lovely home. I’d like to live here for ever.”
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