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Our care & support survey

       PFA Research Ltd carried out a survey for us.

       PFA Research asked our care & support customers 5 questions about the support we provide.
       They asked for comments too. In total, 221 customers returned completed surveys.

                                                                               My Ability employee has
        The questions we asked                                                 enabled me to lose over
                                                                               2 stone by taking me out
        1. Are you happy with the support service you get                      on walks.
           from Ability?                                                                    Ability has helped me to
              89% (203) said yes                                I feel that Ability provides  live independently for the
                                                                 me with a safety net
               Some customers wish their carers didn’t keep changing.  when I have any problems  first time and has
                                                                 that are outside the scope  supported me
        2. Does Ability help you feel safe?                      of the psychiatrist.       throughout. I do not
                                                                                            think I could have
              86% (195) said yes                                                           achieved this without
                                                                                            Ability’s assistance.

        3. Do Ability staff treat you with respect?                          The staff are really nice
              92% (205) said yes                                         and very professional.
                                                                          The flat is really good.

        4. Does Ability support you to be more
                                                                 Everybody I have dealt     Knowing that staff here
                                                                 with at Ability has not    are on hand to provide
              85% (189) said yes                                only been helpful, but     me with help, makes me
                                                                 very friendly, so much so
                                                                 we’ve very often had a     feel more confident and
                                                                                            happy in my
        5. Would you recommend Ability to other                  good giggle together.      surroundings.
          people who need support?
              92% (205) said yes                                                   I will be leaving Ability
                                                                                    this year. I have enjoyed
                                                                                    my time here. Thank you.

        Change to                           From 14 September, our repairs      take your call about an urgent or
                                                                                emergency repair.
                                            service is changing and we won’t
                                            be using Morgan Sindall any more.   But from 14 August, Wendy at Just
        repairs                             We are now getting advice from experts  Housing will take your calls about
                                                                                routine repairs.
                                            at Just Housing Group, because we want
                                            to find a better way to provide you with  We are making this change because
                                            reliable repairs, based locally to you.  we want to give you a better repairs
                                                                                service. Customers said it was the
                                            We did talk to Morgan Sindall about this
                                                                                area of our work that most needs
                                            first. But together we decided to end
                                            their contract early.
                                                                                If you are have any questions, please
                                            The number to call for repairs is still
                                                                                talk to your Housing Service Officer or
                                            0800 085 3035.
                                                                                your Housing Assistant. Or phone the
                                            Until 14 September, Morgan Sindall will  office on 01784 490 910.

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