Page 9 - Ability Housing Association Annual Report 2016
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We work to make sure your home and neighbourhood       Facts &

 are clean, safe and good places to live, and we promise
 to tackle anti-social behaviour.                       Figures

 Customer Benefits

                                                        During the year, we drew up local business plans in 7 areas.

 “  We hosted a BBQ for our                             We spoke to 43 tenants and 30 Care & Support customers.
                                                        We asked what they thought of our services.
 friends and family. It was
 a really good day. The                                 We found that:
 furniture was definitely                                           of Care & Support customers were
                                                        100% satisfied with the service.
 money well spent!”
                                                        81%      of tenants were happy with their home, and

                                                                 of tenants were happy with the repairs
               New local plans                          78% service.

               As we promised last year, we worked      Although most people were happy, 6 people told us they
               with customers to create local
                                                        were unhappy with our handling of anti-social behaviour,
               business plans. These plans will help
                                                        so we need to look at this in future.
               us to:
 Improvement fund award for Genesis House  n continue assisting people to live  In some areas, like Swindon, we saw ways to improve our
                                                        existing service. In other areas, including West Sussex, we
               n make sure services remain
 Customers who live at Genesis  The Panel also awarded funding for:  planned to meet changing local commissioning priorities.
                 financially viable
 House in Staines, pictured above, are  n garden furniture for Elva Court
 really pleased with the new garden  in Bexhill-on-Sea  n check that services meet local   During 2016-17
 furniture and barbecue they gained  needs
 n benches for each of the 4
 in July. The items were chosen by  n check the condition of properties   n We are currently using a new priority list to plan
 communal gardens in Talbot
 customers and bought with an  and plan large-scale maintenance
 village in Poole, and                                     Property MOTs in each area.
 award from our improvement fund,  n continue to add to customer
 with the approval of the Customer  n pots, plants and raised beds for an  Raised planters for the   satisfaction and wellbeing, and   n We will work with customers to draw up 10 more local
 Panel.   easy-to-access vegetable patch in  Cavell House garden.  n find ways to grow so that we can   business plans. We aim to cover St Albans, Merton,
 the garden shared by Cavell House
 Ramon said: “We have tables, chairs  offer more homes and more care  Essex and Hillingdon.
 and The Lodge in Farnham.
 and some recliners, which is great for  & support.
 the summer. We also got a big BBQ,  To be successful, all of these
 which we had fun assembling   improvement ideas had to:
 ourselves. We then hosted a BBQ for  n benefit customers
 our friends and family. It was a really  n have some lasting value (so not
 good day. The furniture was definitely  a party or day trip)
 money well spent!”
 n cost between £100 and £2,500 in
 total, and
 n not need expensive ongoing

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