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We set high standards for                                                                                             Facts &

               your home and repairs service


                                              Nick is new to Morgan Sindall. He says:  Property MOTs                                 When we changed contractors, we had to make a  During 2016-17
                                              “Each day is different and each job is                                                 fresh start with collecting repairs information. The
                                              different. I really enjoy the variety. It’s  To give ourselves better information,
                                                                                                                                     figures below only include repairs carried out by  n We will continue to work with Morgan
                                              been good getting to know the   we started carrying out property
                                                                                                                                     Morgan Sindall.                                   Sindall to bring the repairs service to a higher
                                              customers and hearing their stories.”  MOTs to check their condition.
                                                                              By the end of January, our team had                    Meeting our home service offer
                                              The repairs service –           spent 3 days giving properties their                                                                  n The Customer Panel is helping us to find new
                                                                              MOT, with help from customers. They
                                              more work needed                looked at the Titnore Nursery site,                    Morgan Sindall carried out 2,109                  ways to get customer feedback about repairs.
                                                                              3 sites in Essex and 2 in St Albans.                                                                     We will work with Morgan Sindall to get them
                                              In our last report, we said we would                                                   repairs for us between 22 April and 30 September  to start collecting immediate customer feedback
                                              work with our new contractors to
                                                                                                                                     and  90%       of customers were happy with       on their hand-held devices.
                                              improve our repairs service.
                                                                                                                                     their repair.
                                              Unfortunately, this hasn’t gone as
                                                                                                                                                                                    n We are keeping better records about the
                                              well as we hoped.
                                                                                                                                     83%      of emergency repairs were finished       condition of our properties.
                                              Our CEO Jeff Skipp says: “I know our                                                            within our 24-hour target.
                                              repairs service has been causing                                                                                                      n Morgan Sindall will start our new planned
                                              customers some frustration. This has
               Nick (left) and Andy (right) are Morgan                                                                               41%      of urgent repairs were finished within   replacement programme in February 2017.
                                              been down to teething problems as
               Sindall multi-trade operatives.                                                                                                7 days (target is 95%).                  It includes:
                                              we changed contractors from Mears
               Meet our new                   to Morgan Sindall. However, this is our                                                         of routine repairs were finished within   n installing 3  new heating systems
               contractors                    Housing Department’s top priority.                                                     55%      21 days (target is 95% ).
                                              I would like to assure tenants that  Dan Wrixon from Morgan Sindall carrying out a recent                                             n replacing 17  kitchens
               Nick and Andy are part of the Morgan  we are working with Morgan Sindall  property MOT in Waltham Abbey. Assisting him is Trina,
               Sindall team that began repairing  to solve these problems.”   whose son John lives at the service.                   99%       of our homes gained a gas safety     n replacing the windows and doors at
               our homes in April 2016.                                                                                                        certificate (target is 100%).           20    properties
               Andy has been working on Ability  Improving your homes                                                                Our performance was disappointing because it   n redecorating the communal areas at 16
               homes for about 5 years – because
                                                                                                                                     dipped as we got settled with our new contractor.   properties and the outside of 27  properties,
               he worked for Richardsons, then  All our homes meet the government’s
               Mears, before joining Morgan Sindall.  Decent Homes Standard. Many also                                               It was much better by the end of the financial year  and
                                              meet the higher standard we set for                                                    and we are working to improve it further.      n carrying out electrical testing at 55  properties.
               He says: “I know some of the
               customers really well and we have
               enjoyed getting to know each other  Last year, we replaced ageing
               over the 5 years. It’s been great staying  kitchens, bathrooms and boilers in
               on this contract so long. When I go   homes that became vacant.
               out on a job, I do everything I can to
               get the repair done and to make sure
               it stays fixed.”

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