Page 7 - Ability Housing Association Annual Report 2015
P. 7

In their own words

                                                                 Mary-Ann Poulter – yourAbility customer
                                                                 “I’ve been very mentally ill and in care homes where
                                                                  I was being hit, spat at and shouted at.
                                                                 “I left the care homes and was given a place with
                                                                  Ability nearly nine years ago.
                                                                 “I’ve had a lot of support workers, but Inga is the best
                                                                  I’ve ever had. She’s got the heart and passion for the
                                                                  job. She’s so gentle and considerate. I’ve got a lot
                                                                  better since I’ve known her.

                                                                 “I have two to two-and-a-half hours support each week.
                                                                 “Inga takes me out and supports me with letters and
                                                                  appointments. She helps me pay my bills and buy my
                                                                  things. I’m very anxious about going out, but she’s so
                                                                  caring. She looks in shop windows with me and makes
                                                                  me feel like a person.”

             Ben and Darren – new residents at Cavell House

             In September 2015, Ben and Darren moved into their own self-contained flats in Cavell House.
               Ben says:“It was absolutely fine. It took me a couple   Darren says:“It’s been brilliant and the staff have
               of weeks to settle in and familiarise myself with the   settled me in really well.
               new surroundings. Now, what I like best about my
                                                                 “I love having my own place, which I can call home,
               flat is the peace and quiet.
                                                                  where I’m able to live independently.”
             “It may take a couple of weeks to settle in, but after
              that you will feel safe and staff are always here to   Darren uses the support mainly for “day-to-day
              help you.                                           things, like household bills, housework, emotional
                                                                  support and meal planning”.
             “I get support with telephone calls, paperwork and
              whatever I feel comfortable asking for.”
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