Page 6 - Ability Housing Association Annual Report 2015
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Ability Housing Association - Annual Report 2015

         Engaging with our customers

          The Customer Panel                Quality assurance
                                            through the Q-Team
          Ability Housing and Care & Support
          customers continued to play an active  The Q-Team is our customer-led quality
          role in our work as members of the   auditing team, whose members visit our
          Customer Panel.                   services to capture feedback face to face.

          The Panel’s busy year included helping   During the year, the Q-Team made five
          us to recruit support staff, as well as the  visits to four services, spoke to 27
          new Operations Director and Head of  customers and took written feedback
          Housing. The Panel worked with us to   from another five.
                                                                               Recruitment training session for members of the
          review complaints and chose which                                    Customer Panel
          service ideas should get backing from   To prepare for a visit to Yew Tree Lodge in
          our new improvement fund. Members  Hillingdon, we trained the team in how
          also visited our contractors, got to know  to communicate effectively with tenants
          Board members at a special ‘speed   with learning difficulties. They were able
          networking’ event and took part in   to use a touch-screen tablet to make
          recruitment skills training.      collecting feedback easier.

                                            When visiting our three services in
                                            Waterlooville in Hampshire, the Q-Team
                                            took customers to the pub for lunch –
                                                                               Q-Team take notes during discussion with Ability
                                            helping to make the feedback fun as well
                                                                               customer at Waterlooville pub lunch
                                            as relaxed.
                                            The Q-Team produces summary reports
                                            and action plans, which are reviewed
                                            by the Customer Panel, shared with
          Housing Services Manager Greg Terefenko (left)  customers and their relatives, and
          in conversation with Stuart Rees, Chair of the  discussed with the Team Leader or
          Customer Panel
                                            Service Manager for each service. Over
                                            the following year, the local team
                                            implements the agreed action plan,
                                            sharing its progress with all concerned.   Carron (seated) checks out gas engineer Tara’s van
                                                                               during the Mears visit

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