Page 4 - Ability Housing Association Annual Report 2015
P. 4

New homes and strong services

                                                                    Official opening of Sessile Court
                                                                    From left to right: David Williams, Chief Executive of Ability;
                                                                    Geeta Nanda, Chief Executive of Thames Valley Housing;
                                                                    Carole Brockwell, Support Services Manager at Ability;
                                                                    Tim Preston, Regional Land and New Business Manager at
                                                                    Thames Valley Housing and Councillor Philip Corthorne of
                                                                    Hillingdon Council

                                          Elva Court flats
                                    The 14 one bedroom flats
                                are set over four floors and the
                                scheme includes a staff flat and
                               office, as well as a cycle store and
                                     a communal courtyard

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