Templars Lodge residents welcome a new neighbourhood police point to their scheme

Published: 4 Dec 2015

Templars Lodge & police

Left to right: PC Cathy Addis, Sharon Reed from Ability Housing Association and PCSO Tony Mellish in the grounds of Templars Lodge.

Police Constable Cathy Addis and Police Community Support Officer Tony Mellish have a new police point in Crown Wood & Forest Park, thanks to the community spirit of Ability Housing Association and its residents.

The duo were already regular visitors to our Templars Lodge supported housing scheme when they noticed a room going spare. When they asked if they could use it as a drop-in and meeting point, we consulted residents, who were pleased to say yes.

The visits made by PC Addis and PCSO Mellish to Templars Lodge, a scheme housing disabled residents, are important as they give residents the opportunity to get to know their local neighbourhood officers. This gives them greater confidence if they need to report any issues or concerns.

With the police point now in place, residents have the benefit of officers being on site on a more regular basis and the police have a space in a central location where they can meet the local community.

“We’re very grateful to the residents of Templars Lodge for allowing us to utilise this facility,” said PC Addis.

“The new police point’s location means that we are now more accessible for members of the public and it provides us with an opportunity to get to know the local community better and to understand the issues that most concern them.”

Ability’s Housing Support Worker Sharon Reed said: “We consulted 10 tenants and they were all very happy. They know Cathy and Tony already, and they were reassured that there wouldn’t be strangers in their parts of the building.

“As well as being a nice stop-off for the police officers, it adds security to the scheme. It’s a good example of community partnership.”

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