Survey – Care & Support customers are big supporters!

Published: 15 Sep 2017

PFA Research Ltd. carried out a survey for us

Earlier this year, PFA Research asked our care & support customers 5 questions about the support we provide. In total, 221 customers returned completed surveys.

The questions we asked


Are you happy with the support service you get from Ability?
89% (203) said Yes
Some customers said they wish their carers didn’t keep changing.
Does Ability help you feel safe? 86% (195) said Yes
Do Ability staff treat you with respect?  92% (205) said Yes
Does Ability support you to be more independent?
 85% (189) said Yes
Would you recommend Ability to otherpeople who need support?
 92% (205) said Yes

David Fox, Head of Care and Support said:

“This is a very encouraging and positive set of results for Ability Care and Support.  It was great to receive such positive feedback and some of the less positive feedback gives us a clear idea of how we can improve the services we provide”


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