Jo moves on

Published: 21 Oct 2015

Jo Busby

Jo Busby

After living for five years at Ability’s supported housing service in Staines, Jo Busby has nothing but praise for the care and support she has received – especially from her key worker, Marianne Saiche.

“I moved in five and a half years ago, with severe and enduring mental health and dual diagnosis difficulties,” Jo explains.

“Marianne was absolutely wonderful, especially last year, when my physical and mental health condition deteriorated. She fought for funding for specialist treatment for me in the private sector.

“My physical and mental health have greatly improved and I have now been in recovery for over one year, allowing me to rebuild both professional and personal relationships.

“I’m doing voluntary work in Staines, for a local help group which is an information service for people with physical and mental health difficulties and their families. I’m really enjoying being back as part of the community.

“I’ve been able to secure local authority accommodation and move-on from the service, so I can live independently. I’m a little bit nervous, but with the support of Ability staff, I feel ready for a new challenge.

“I have acquired the skills to live more independently, I have more confidence in myself, and believe I will develop further and enjoy my life to the full.

“I wanted to say thank-you. The staff don’t get told often enough. Marianne, Donna, Brenda, Denise and Andrew were all very supportive, especially when I needed a higher level of support, and was fragile.

“Ability changed me for the better and my family feel exactly the same. They’ve got their daughter back and I’ve got my life back on track.”

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