Ben and Darren move in to Cavell House

Published: 1 Nov 2015

Ben and Darren became our latest customers at our service in Farnham in September, after moving into their own flats.

Darren Moves In To Cavell House

Darren at Cavell House

Ben says his first month went well: “It was absolutely fine. It took me a couple of weeks to settle in and familiarise myself with the new surroundings. Now, what I like best about my flat is the peace and quiet.”

Darren is pleased with his new home too. He says: “It’s been brilliant and the staff have settled me in really well.

“I love having my own place, which I can call home, where I’m able to live independently.”

Cavell House customers get support, which Ben and Darren both find helpful.

“I get support with telephone calls, paperwork and whatever I feel comfortable asking for,” says Ben, who says he values the way it gives him confidence.

Darren welcomes having support on hand when he needs it and uses it mainly for “day-to-day things, like household bills, housework, emotional support and meal planning”.

Now they are settled in, Ben and Darren are enjoying their new life and both say the people are the best thing. Darren always likes meeting new people and finds the staff really friendly. Ben says he feels comfortable with the people at the service and is getting along with them.

The pair have a few words of advice to others moving to an Ability property.

“It may take a couple of weeks to settle in, but after that you will feel safe and staff are always here to help you,” says Ben. While Darren says: “Trust staff and make sure you communicate what you want support with so they can help you.”

We wish Ben and Darren a happy stay in their new homes.

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