Sammy, Customer Engagement Support Worker


It’s really important to me that I work somewhere where I can help make a difference to someone’s day or life in some small way.

Before working for Ability I had various roles in health and social care. Most recently I had my own business as a Holistic therapist delivering alternative therapies mainly to people with disabilities. I thoroughly enjoyed this, but after nine years I felt like a needed a change and wanted to try something different. That’s when I found out about Ability as I have a friend who already worked here.

I found out about a role as Customer Engagement Support Worker. It wasn’t full time which was good for me and the job looked really interesting. I started here in May 2016 and the role certainly does give me a challenge! It’s really varied so there’s no time to get bored. I work closely with local colleagues to give them advice and information so they can support and encouraging customers to access the local community, I produce surveys and organise Q-Team visits. I am also piloting a peer support programme in Hillingdon (which I consider to be my baby!).

Peer support is the aspect I really enjoy. I love the fact that it’s managed to get complete strangers together who may otherwise have felt quite isolated in their communities. They have forged friendships and encourage each other to positively engage in local activities and events. This brings me huge job satisfaction. I would love this to eventually role out to the rest of Ability as I feel it’s such a great group and so valuable to all those involved.

The peer support group now meet regularly. They’ve been to Kew gardens this year and enjoy meeting at local parks for a walk and a coffee at the end. There is still more work to be done and more customers for me to meet and get involved but it’s been an exciting start. I know that my job helps to make a difference and improve the lives of our customers in Hillingdon.