Q-Team in action

Published: 20 Aug 2014

IMG_0725The Q-Team is a group of trained customers who visit Ability’s services to get face-to-face feedback from customers to find out how satisfied they are with their service. They recently visited Ability’s Hillingdon service which supports customers with learning disabilities. Before the visit the Q-Team members were trained  to work with customers with learning disabilities.

The Q-Team ask questions about the customer’s homes, how safe they feel, their dreams and hopes, how well they are supported, etc. They used a touch-screen tablet with some of the Hillingdon customers to make it easier for them to give their feedback. From the visit the Q-Team draw up an action plan which is shared with customers, the Team leaders of the Service and the Support Services Manager.

Suggestions that customers’ made for improving their service included more information about local facilities, more choice around their support plan and a say in the way communal areas are used and decorated. These suggestions formed part of the agreed action plan.

The Q-Team will make a return visit in 6 months time to check that the improvements have been made and that customers are happy with the changes.


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