High levels of customer satisfaction

Published: 15 Dec 2014

feedback_talkingResults from a recent survey show that 85% of customers are satisfied with the service provided by Ability.

100 customer took part in the survey and were asked 12 questions about  Ability’s service, the quality of their home, the quality of their support, if they feel their rent provides value for money, if they believe Ability listens and acts on their views, etc.

The levels of satisfaction were pleasingly high throughout, with most in the high 80s. For example 86% are satisfied with the quality of their home, 92% agree that their rent is value for money and 88% said they trust Ability. The lowest scoring area was the repairs service with 72% satisfied. We are working with our new repairs contractor on improving standards for this.

This is what our customers said about Ability:

“A brilliant service for disabled people.”

“If I have a problem, I tell the staff and they deal with it right away.”

“It is good to get the help I need as it helps me live independently.”

The survey was carried out during October and November 2014 by a specialist company, Acuity, as part of our programme of regular quarterly feedback surveys.

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