Carron joins the call for new homes for Britain

Published: 27 Mar 2015

Carron Cleversley

Carron places her signed brick on a petition wall calling for more homes.

Carron Cleversley from our Customer Panel enjoyed a great day out in London on Tuesday 17 March – when she joined our trip to the Homes for Britain Rally.

The rally at the Central Methodist Rally in Westminster brought together 2,300 people from 300 housing organisations to call for “an end to the housing crisis within a generation”.

We think there is a desperate need for more homes, so we took seven people to the rally.

As well as Carron, our party included Board member Jane Minter, our Chief Executive David Williams, Housing Support Workers Karen McCoy and Vicki Spencer, Housing Performance and Information Officer Sarah Robson and Maddy Cox, who is our Customer Engagement Co-ordinator.

It was a great day out for Carron. She told us: “I really enjoyed the day. It was amazing coming to London. I’ve never been to Westminster before and I couldn’t believe how tall the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben were!

“We went to a huge building filled with people from different places over the country, and listened to people speaking about how they will build more homes for Britain.

“My favourite part was watching all the videos about real people who are struggling because they don’t have a home. It was really powerful.

“The ‘Choir with no name’ who sang at the beginning were amazing!”

Karen McCoy said: “It was really good to hear from all the political parties. I was amazed at how many people were there and I could clearly see on Carron’s face how much she enjoyed it!”

27 March 2015

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