Terry’s story

Terry, a yourAbility customer

“The very best thing is having a key, it is my own key to my own front door and I can come and go as I please – it’s a miracle.”

My name is Terry and I am a yourAbility customer in Surrey. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1987 when I was 34. I was in a terrible state; sometimes I was homeless, sometimes in a squat, sometimes in hospital – and I kept hearing voices.

Ability are good, I came to their 24-hour service in Surrey in 2011 after I had been in hospital. They helped me get back on track. I was at the service for two years.

When I felt I was ready, I spoke to my support worker and they helped me get my own flat. I went out and looked at furniture with my support worker and chose what I wanted and where I was going to put it.

Everything here is my own – things I have chosen and I like. I now have 12 hours’ support a week from the same people who were supporting me when I was in the 24-hour service. I do things when I’m ready, I love the independence.

When I get my support, I get really quality time because it’s in my own flat. There are no distractions, I’m in control and it’s what I want to do.