Robert has a passion for photography

Robert-HAbility customer Robert lives in supported housing at Sir Robert Mews in Slough.

Robert says, “I previously lived in Kenya and I can speak a number of their local languages including; Swahili, Kikuyu and Kamba.

Robert’s passion for photography began when he was four years old and his father gave him a camera. “When I walk around if I see something that looks like a half decent shot I‘ll take a picture. I can’t always walk around with a camera so I use my phone. I’ve taken pictures of small planes and private planes including Wilson Airport in Kenya.”

Aged 19 years old, following a road traffic accident in Kenya, Robert suffers from short-term memory loss. “I can’t remember getting on my motorbike on the day of my accident. On my parents advice I got my provisional licence, insurance and a helmet, but I didn’t wear it. I was in a comma for three months and I’ve had to learn how to walk again. My senses of smell and taste have not come back. But I don’t miss anything –what’s the point. With short term memory loss, I just take things as they come as I cant’ change it. I use ‘aide memoirs’ to help with my memory, like remembering my address as it has a man’s name in it.”

Robert has shown a lot of courage during his recovery and says, “after a while my parents were not able to continue caring for me at home and needed extra support for me, then they found out about Sir Robert Mews. “I have a weekly rota, but it can change. I’ll inform the office, if I need to change something i.e. swap shopping over to another day.”

Robert has recently joined the Ability Q Team which is made up of customers and staff who go to services to speak to customers, about the support they receive. Robert says, “I want to help prepare other customers when they come to Ability. I can understand how they might be feeling, and I’m willing to listen to people and challenge their thinking.”

Robert likes to study and has gained distinctions in Microsoft Word, Publisher and cookery courses as well as gaining a certificate in horticulture, “I also learnt British Sign Language at a college”

Robert also studied photography for two years, “I try not to overload my mind post my road traffic accident. My mother and family help me to think before I act and implant wisdom in me. I’m always willing to try new things.”